Top Tanning Tips!


  1. Prep your skin before going out in the sun. Be sure to exfoliate as this will remove the dead skin and stop your tan from prematurely fading.
  2. If you're prone to burning, apply a high factor sunscreen first and then layer on top a tanning accelerator to attain a bronzed, glowing tan.
  3. Reapply our Tanning Luxe oil every hour and whenever you get in and out of water for the best results when using our product.
  4. Change positions frequently for an all over even tan.
  5. Choose your tanning time wisely, the sun is strongest at 12pm - 4pm.
  6. Apply an aloe vera gel after tanning to keep your skin moisturised and cooled.



  1. Shower before your sunbed to make full use of your minutes.
  2. Apply our ZPM Extreme Black tanning accelerator 5 minutes before to allow your skin to absorb all the nutrients for the best outcome.
  3. For an all over even colour, either use the stand-up tanning beds or if you prefer lay downs, we advise changing positions throughout the duration of the sun-bed.
  4. For an everlasting tan make sure to keep your skin hydrated to refrain the tan you've built up from peeling or flaking off.
  5. Once you have reached your desired shade, maintain the colour by having just one to two sunbeds a week.